Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Other Spare Tyre is a Pirelli

Well, I came home late from work the other night, and went indoors.  It wasn't until Rich came in later and pointed it out that I saw the huge lorry tyre in the front garden:

And here it is, gracing what's left of our log pile. 

So, the next thought is: how did it get there?  It couldn't just have bounced off a lorry and onto the logs, as it would have had to fly very precisely through the gap between our hedge and next door's, then stop dead without bouncing further.  So, our only theory is that somebody decided to roll it off the road, off the pavement, down the drive, up the plank and onto the logs (and some parcels the postie had hidden, which survived in varying degrees).
Of course, now its disposal was our problem. 

Having checked the next morning that it was still there:

and having failed to come up with any potential craft project for it, including the horse-shaped swing especially as it would be more of a giraffe, and require scaffolding to hold it up, I phoned the council, who said it would have to be on the pavement, as not private property.  They then agreed for us to leave it where it was, seeing as it weighed a ton, and the pavement is narrower than the tyre.

The next day the tyre had mysteriously moved to the pavement, blocking our entry and the path of any of the pubgoers- NOT very health and safety-  but one more day and it was gone. 

 We sort of miss it.

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  1. What a bizarre part of the South East you live in ...!