Craft Confessional- this is just the tip of the iceberg

Socks. don't want to finish them, won't get any money for the wool & it's a shame to bin it. Had a brainwave- I'll knit socks with them.  But normal socks this time. 
Enjoyed making them, don't want to throw them, don't really see them going with the decor.

this is linen thread from Belgium,which has to be bought from the States. It's hardwearing, so planned to make a piano stool cover and matching rug (I know). Got as far as doing a few squares then gave up.  Paid inordinate sums for this. Then made the Mason Dixon After Dark Robe which was so awful that it's now in its final incarnation as the Big Dotty pattern again, but this time as a bedcover.  No hurry to finish.

Noro Aurora. Japanese silk blend. Have a sort-of finished handbag and have sort of enough over for a jumper.  I've mixed and matched a couple of colours as I can't stand mismatched stripes, but it's a scratchy wool and I don't think this is wearable.  it would work as a little waistcoat, but does that make it right?  And there's another load of leftovers after this.