Sunday, 13 October 2013

Save time- have 3 bad ideas in 1 day

We went to Southampton today to pick up a doll's pushchair for Florence, so she won't keep trying to push her own one precariously along with her hands way over her head.  This was not a bad idea.

Trying to combine it with other things was:

1- allowing the sat nav to take us to where Hobbycraft ought to have been, but where, instead was something which looked like a derelict mill over a tiny bridge, with lots of Private and Keep Out signs that we refused to accept in the hopes of still finding a massive craft store somewhere amongst all this.

2- IKEA on a rainy October Sunday afternoon- it took an hour to travel a 10 mins journey, then half an hour to get into the building, by which point we were nearly but not quite, past caring.  What finished me off was finding they were out of brochures.  However, we were grateful for the baby changing room with soft lighting and comfy sofas, rendered slightly less peaceful for the 200 decibel tannoy with frequent and lengthy customer announcements. Managed to escape after spending less than a million pounds on several bath mats and an owl cushion that Florence went mental for.

3- Actually thinking a Furby was a good way to pass an hour long journey home.  Florence watched me take the back off with a screwdriver and put the batteries in then stared in horror as the thing jabbered away non-stop for the 20 mins we coped with before cracking.  She handed it back to me several times, aghast. After the batteries came out again, she had more fun playing with the screwdriver until we got home.  hoping for  a refund despite tampered with packaging. Doubt I'm the first.