Thursday, 12 January 2012

Three wheels on the bus go round and round, the other is nowhere to be found

for never giving me a dull moment.

Whether it's the excitement of seeing the bus arriving, or hopping off after it's broken down onto the 'replacement' which is actually just the next one, an hour later, or the challenges of flagging down an out of service bus, a school bus and persuading it to go off route to the station and getting a train,  wondering how you're going to get home after the last bus at 6.30 doesn't show, or simply giving up after 45 mins of waiting and hitching a lift with strangers, there are certainly no two days the same. 

Except of course for the ones where the bus doesn't show up two days running either due to a lack of drivers (so badly and irregularly paid you can hardly blame them for phoning in sick with no notice to get someone else in), or just grinding to a halt somewhere on the Kent/Sussex border. 

Today's fun and frolics was a wheel blowing, taking a panel with it and the driver managing to steer it to a halt alongside the grass after a couple of hundred metres of driving on the three remaining wheels and the metal where the fourth one used to be, in the dark. 

 Luckily I was near enough to home for Rich to come and get me. 

 How we laughed.

By the way, if you are thinking of adding to your vintage bus collection, Countryliner have a remarkably vast range,  actually for sale from their website:

Hurry, while stocks last. One less today...

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