Monday, 7 August 2017

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Progress report....


How depressing

I thought I'd just post up a quickie after the Great South weekend, and what do I find? The last post.  From February. Saying exactly what I'm about to conclude now.

Which is that 5k doesn't work for me and I'm not going to do it any more and I'll stick to 1ks and 1 milers instead.

Could have saved 8 months of sweaty red faced selfies. Where is the glamour?

Monday, 29 February 2016

Less talk more run!

I've just completed a 5 week running plan.  Not the many variations of C25k, with or without virtual zombies, but Too Fat To Run 5 weeks to 5k

So, the plan is far more to my taste than the bitty C25ks and I would definitely recommend it to anyone like me who finds running/walking for 90 second intervals (leg lifts on a treadmill?) then finishing on a 15 minute run is completely against common sense.

if you do what Julie tells you to do, you will get there in the 5 weeks.  If, like me, you have to over-analyse everything, you may still get there, but you will probably do everyone's heads in, as well as your own.

Which has got me wondering about the negative voices in my head- why are they there, what purpose do they serve?  One to ponder, but not today.

In the five weeks, I have faithfully followed each instruction and experimented with different things.  Although yesterday I was feeling poorly and really not up to running, I went out and walked the 5k, to make sure I wasn't completely copping out. When I went to write it in my journal, I realised that this was in fact the 5th time over the 5 weeks that  I have run/walked/jogged (or all three) 5k.  I have also been out in all weathers and temperatures, at all times of day and night, irrespective of how tired/fed up from the working day I have felt, and the heat rash/eczema which flares up during exercise.

So I am taking this to be my achievement- not so much the actual 5k, as I feel I've got a way to go with this, but the fact that I have stuck it out and not found excuses. 

And been brave enough to come last at a parkrun and then again at another one, and still want to go back for more (but not today). 

And tried out a different gym, and enjoyed the treadmill and competitive atmosphere of being lined up in a row, in the window, close enough to punch your neighbour while taking in the inspiring view. Which got me a medal, as I entered it for a virtual run. If I can ever get photos to line up, I deserve another medal:

I am going to give myself a week off to get well then start the plan again next week, and maybe this time, I'll be running all 5k at the end??!!  SHUT UP, VOICES....

Best of all, my daughter is loving all the sport and we've made her a medal for each time she goes out- yesterday she ran to the park, four times round it and home, which is a mile, and another badge to go on it, in addition to the 'mini parkrun' she did with Daddy while I was hauling myself round the course.

more virtual runs booked for the next few months, and a muddy 5k in July, to keep me motivated.
I've got till July to remember where I put this after the photo....

Maybe I'm not cut out (yet) for 3 mile runs, but if I can run a mile, i can keep up with my daughter. And I know I can run a mile.  

Monday, 7 September 2015

7 mile hike and no side effects

Other than an uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm for hitting the gym this week. Need to get to 2.5 miles this week as I've come up with an idiotic plan on holiday next another zombie Apocalypse nightmare last night. At least I note my survival skills are improving, if only in my sleep.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Today I will run 2 miles

There, it's official. The negative voices are having a field day with this one, I'm really scared! And yet I did 1.9 on Sunday. Got to get over it. There will be treats at the other endf in the shape of Bluetooth earphones so I don't fly off the treadmill again.…