Sunday, 2 October 2011

How vexing

So the sun is shining, I'm in a t-shirt and it's October.  Utterly hateful- I was all ready to hibernate, now I feel I ought to be DOING things, instead of curling up and waiting for the sun to come out- how can I do that if it won't go away?  Anyway, in the meantime, here are some photos of things that annoy me on a daily basis in T Wells.

In reverse order:

5: random set of wiring under my friend's desk- Why?

4: Most tedious window cleaning I have ever witnessed- at least our firm can afford to pay someone with a mop on a stick

3: Outside the teaching recruitment agency- look closely and you'll see where the apostrophe used to be- presumably they got the job.  This vexes me in that it was allowed to go outside in its original state


2: This, on the other hand vexes me no end- and more so as it's now MONTHS since the board was put out.  Where's my red chalk?

Which brings me to my all time most vexing sight ever. One which I have to endure ever time I move to or from the orifice. 



  1. Haha, the last is brilliant, would drive me nuts too, to the point of sneaking there with a crow bar and fix it ;)

    ..a little embarrassed that it took me such a long time to figure out what was wrong with the crafting one, just didn't see it to start with!

  2. I must be tired .... took me a full 2 minutes to work out what was wrong with the last one!!! Doh!

    Welcome back, by the way, have missed your musings .....