Saturday, 30 July 2011

Blogging in the Rain- Pt 2: the disappointing sequel. The rain in Grain has seeped into my brain

Wishing I'd just slapped up a couple of photos at the time and been done with it- now this has been built up out of all proportion.  Anyway, let's get it over with:

Woke up after a rainy night, to a rainy morning.   It did abate for a moment while we went to get fried things for breakfast. As I was sitting on a bench waiting for Rich to find his wallet, contemplating the meaning of life, and asking for some sort of sign, I looked up and saw this. Coincidence?
 So, suitably fortified, onwards to the Isle of Grain, to let the novelty wear off naturally and observe, and possibly frolic, amongst the wildlife.  Here is but one of many moments on the road:

Slightly stunned to see a vespa out having fun today. Depressingly had to speed up to get near enough for the photo.  

First destination, somewhere on the Isle of Grain:

always good to have a system
grey flora on grey background with grey skies ahead
Surprisingly hostile-looking fauna

a view- there was a lot of this sort of thing
the only other wildlife of the day, and it really wasn't so much wild, as a bit grumpy.
the compulsory shot of the children's graves which may or may not have inspired Dickens to write Great Expectations.
next stop- it was harder to appreciate the natural beauty from inside the van, but I believe the right choice

After a battle to get it uploaded, this should take things to another dimension 

 Next stop- misreading the map, and past a 'no entry' sign and onwards, just to see.

it would appear the only reason for this being off limits was that its unattractiveness caused an offense to the eye. Even the security guard couldn't be bothered to stop us and ask awkward questions.  

Next stop, the correct bit of coastline.  Rich accidentally forgot himself and started having fun, a bit.
This was all I had to work with.  a semi-decomposed crab.

At this point, the sun started to come out, so we beat a hasty retreat and went home.  So that's done.

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  1. Anyone would think it's been raining recently... do you ever go out in the sun or will you melt? ;)