Thursday, 7 May 2015

C25K. Nobody said this had to be interesting.

This is my first post on my tablet. Prefer Keyboard to tap tap tap, but apparently this is the future.

Doing it. On week 4. Have been scared for 4 weeks.
Finally think I am starting to see some results, so I want to start logging them:
Every week has had a setback. This week it's a cold. Previously, I've had trapped nerves in my arm, more colds, esp after workout sessions, and general attempts by my body to keep me on the sofa.

Have decided to stay on week 4 until my heart rate comes down from 178, so have slowed the pace right down from 6 to a weedy 4.5, making it less scary and more manageable. Eating lighter beforehand and not going as late in the day. Am also trying to have one 'free' run just to see how long I can manage. This is to get over the endless doubt that I'll get through each week or manage the next one. Really learning to hate predictive text.

Week 4 this week started OK at 9am bank hol Monday. Got the second 5 min run up to 8 mins then got a cold, 4 sleepless nights of poorly child and a busy weekend, so will start again next week. Again.

If my new smartphone ever turns up I'll try the c25k app, to see if its easier than the endless counting of seconds left on the clock.

I really hatd prdicive text

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