Wednesday, 27 May 2015

C25k more thoughts

Last week I got fed up with the endless setbacks, and the fact that this should have been goal week. I'd bought a running mag which has a different approach to the app, in that you get the longest run out of the way at the start of the session, rather than build up to it. This made more sense to me, as I had spent every session so far dreading the 'hard' bit when i'm tired. Found i could do 8 mins, then next session I set a goal of 10 and managed 12.
This was the end of following other people's plans!

At the end of the week, with nothing to lose, I decided to just get on with it and try 20 mins straight. And I managed it! Goal no 1. As I keep reading, its the first few mins that are hardest, after that I got into a rhythm and got on with it, and there was no way I was going to stop for the sake of another 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min. I wanted the man on the treadmill next to me to know – wanted to shout “I’m doing it” and wave my arms about, but I didn’t.

And so I did it. 20 mins solid running. 1 mile and a half. Goal 1 achieved. Then I went home and discovered Goal 1 is actually 30 mins.

So this week, I thought stuff it, got nothing to lose, other than not being able to manage 20 mins ever again as it was a fluke.

And yesterday I ran for 25 min.  I now have an app - Map My Run, which is brilliant for logging runs and seeing what I’ve managed.  Husband is on it too, so we can share our walks/runs and I can ping him during the day to show min my efforts.

On Friday, if I can get 30 straight mins done, I’ve got to Goal 1 and I’ve got there before my holiday, which I seem to remember being my personal goal.  And that’s skipping out a couple of the weeks of the programme which wasn’t going anywhere and just getting on with it.

I’ve treated myself to a Fitbit as I want to know what my heartrate’s doing during the day- it’s too high at 178 on the treadmill.  Hopefully all these gadgets and apps talking to each other will give me a better picture of what exercise I’m really doing during the day, and somehow the fitbit’s going to help me lose a stone and get the trousers I saw on Saturday.

Feeling like I’m getting through the first, hard, hurdle of having it all ahead of me and being too fat and lazy to want to make it work.

Sadly, before all of this, I have to weigh myself- just waiting for my boss to go out before I nip to the chemist and stand in the window naked (nearly) for the scales to shout out the horrible truth to the whole shop.  Hoping  I overestimated it yesterday, suspect I haven’t.

I am back- I will admit this in public- I am 5 foot 2 and 12 stone 9.  Allowing 2 pounds for clothes (honestly, what’s the difference) it means I’ve put back on more than a stone since Slimming World moved their group and I stopped going.  I refuse to give them that satisfaction, so that stone is coming off for starters.  Fitbit- I need your help.

So- the goals are:

Run for 20 mins- done

Run for 30 mins -goal one part two

Run for 40 mins, which gets me to 5k and part three of goal one.

Get the 5k down to 30 mins, which is proper goal and the point where I’ll start to say “I run”

Take the 5k outside into the real world

Get the 5k down to 30 mins, which is going to take a long time, I think and will be the point at which I can say “I’m a runner” and then seal it by entering a 5k run.  And getting a medal.  I want a medal.

Last night I went for a 1.5 mile walk to see what my walking pace is, compared to treadmill.  As I have read elsewhere, the real world is much harder and I averaged 3.5mph.  That can keep.

In the meantime, I could stand to lose anything up to 4 STONE!!! So, realistically, I want to get one off, which equals a dress size and a new pair of trousers.  Some of the rest will follow, hopefully, with all this activity.

It will be interesting to see how much weight comes off by exercising, not by just dieting and hopefully this means it won’t just ping straight back on the minute I fancy a pie.

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