Thursday, 25 June 2015

c25k zombies

Updates since the last post:

I have signed up for a real run outside, in the world. It's not till October, it's on flat, flat Madeira drive in Brighton, I've found a friend to do it with me, and as it's the color run, we both get to have paint thrown at us. Don't care. Actually, I WANT paint thrown at me.

Have restarted training in the form of the Zombies Run 5k aop, which so far has been so gentle, I don't feel I'm doing enough. Have also had a go at doing the sessions outside with mixed results: road flatter, but off road softer, and if family present I end up having to run round a bench for most of it so as not to leave them.

Running mag has started to demoralise me. Every mention of 5k is in the context of beginners. Yes, I'm a beginner. But what's wrong with 5k as a goal? There's plenty it has to offer, improve speed, change terrain, do it alone for fun or with others in a race, etc. Going to stop reading running magazines as they're starting to make me feel 5k is a poor man's 10k and really we should all be thinking about marathons. Plus 3 people I know have done/are training for/regularly run marathons. Even if I wanted to, which I don't, I get a hour for lunch, including changing and pretending to shower...

Two morebthings: hubby has bought two sets of running shoes. Daughter is now coaching me by yelling at me to run whenever we're outside. And once again I have whatever virus is going round the nursery and so I can't pound a treadmill with a pounding head, so another week's setback. But I just got into a skirt that didn't fit last year. OK, that's about 5 things. Who's counting?

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