Monday, 20 June 2011

And So It Begins....

If anyone can see this at all, it means all the hours of agonising over a name and trying to work out what the buttons do, where the blog went and what I eventually called it, have not been in vain. If not, this is possibly all a dream, or I'm the only one on the internet.

In typical fashion, it's unlikely that the blog of the world will look anything like the blog of my mind, but if I never get started, another month will have gone by. So, it's June now, and I'm already 19 days behind before I've already begun.

Maybe one day I'll work out how to share previous events. Maybe I'll work out how to get the font I want. Maybe the novelty will have worn off before then. At risk of it wearing off before I publish this post, here's June so far. Ooh, it's like my life's flashing before my eyes, slowly:


Fishing has happened- we've got back into it, just in time for the monsoon season

Here's a couple of the 8 Rich caught that day, not including the 5 he missed by chatting or at least two that jumped out of the water, laughed at him, danced about a bit then jumped back.

To prove how peaceful it was- behold the miniscule rabbit that stayed with us for the whole day. Rabbit actual size.

This was at where we intend to spend a lot more time.

Knitting night:

What do all my biker chick friends have in common? Of course: a love of cake and knitting. First knitting night duly held on the evening of the 8th. Cake consumed, some knitting actually achieved and I got my spindle out for the first time since Woolfest 2009.... Rock and Roll.

all very lovely and satisfying I'm sure, but I've now found three more of these candyfloss things...

Erasure at Bedgebury Pinetum:

Didn't bring our camera, so we have no photos of our own, but I can make up for that by singing pretty much every word of pretty much every Erasure song. I've been with them since the start and never had the chance to see them- seemed too good to miss when they politely choose to play less than 10 mins up the road. Supported by Sophie "how DO you say 'pinetum' Ellis-Bextor, the weather cleared up, the sun went down, I was 16 again and danced and squawked the night away, managing to get near enough to the stage to see every sequin on Andy's red blazer, and admire Vince's little hat. And all without embarrassing Rich at all.

I knew my dancing technique had a time and a place- that would be 1986 and Guildford, then.

Inapppropriate rabbit snacks

add rose petals to the list...

I'm going down the Fulking pub (oh come on...)

So, after an attempt to do something bloggable this weekend, we decided to go for a tramp (insert your own joke) on the South Downs, gale force winds notwithstanding. On the way, we attempted to find Poynings, where Rich's grandparents lived, but kept blinking and missing it. We ended up in Fulking, where there was luckily a pub and many characteristic sights to try my new camera out on. The pub turned out to be rather nice indeed actually:

Blame the camera for the blur- I did

Norman Cook was here...

Other events include Rich stroking a cow, me discovering that my new camera isn't faulty, it's just of superior intelligence, and meeting up with two biker friends in Lewes for a calorie. Yes, just one.

Still not convinced it's me and not the camera

Now- how do you publish this thing....?


  1. A cracking good start to a blog if I ever read one, which I clearly have as I just read yours.
    Keep it up and may the next entry (or being May possibly the previous) contain more of the same flick of the tongue humour.